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Restorative Dentistry


If you have a chipped or broken tooth or are missing a few teeth, the experienced dentists at Kennedy Commons Dental can help you regain your precious smile with restorative dentistry in Scarborough. The process of restorative dentistry involves eliminating decay and infection in your teeth and providing you with an artificial alternative to missing teeth. It can range from a small treatment, such as filling a cavity, to more complicated procedures like fixing crowns and bridges. The main focus of this procedure is to help you regain the functionality of your teeth. Get in touch with our dentists to discuss your dental needs. Book an appointment today.


Crowns protect your teeth’s structural strength. Usually when you have a chipped tooth, a crown is used to cap or cover the tooth to match the shape, size and function of other teeth. It can be made of several materials according to your requirements.



With the same functionality as crowns, bridges cover more than one tooth. If you have a missing tooth, a bridge can be used to make the structural integrity of your teeth stronger.  The replacement tooth is custom-made and solidly placed using the surrounding teeth as anchors, helping you restore your bite and avoid any sagging or deformation caused by missing a tooth.  


Dental implants are artificial teeth that are considered as permanent solutions to missing teeth. They provide support and stability to your teeth structure, reduce bone loss and improve the function of your teeth. Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth and can last a lifetime.


Implant-supported Dentures

In implant-supported dentures, the dentures do not rest on the gum. Instead, it is fixed on implants that are embedded in your jaw bone. These dentures are a much more permanent solution to your missing tooth problems than normal dentures. They increase the stability of your mouth and naturally restore chewing capacity.


Bruxism Treatment

Bruxism is the condition where you grind your teeth, resulting in the damage or chipping of your teeth. We can help you avoid this with customized mouth guards or medication. Our dentists will look at the shape and condition of your teeth and suggest the best course of action for you.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy is used to treat decayed or abscessed teeth. A root canal treatment is needed when the decay has reached the root canal of your tooth and caused extensive damage to the tooth surface. If left untreated, an infection can turn into an abscess and can result in the loss of your tooth and severe nerve damage.


Decay or a chip in your tooth cannot be left alone. If untreated, the decay will increase and result in cavities and extensive damage to your teeth. Fillings help avoid further damage to the affected tooth. The cavity is thoroughly cleaned and filled to make the tooth stronger.


Inlays are also considered indirect fillings because the filling is fabricated outside the mouth and then bonded to the cavity in your tooth. The measurement of your tooth is taken to make sure it is the right fit for your cavity. This is considered as an alternative to crowns in case of minor damages.


This is also a dental restoration method that is commonly known as indirect fillings. While the inlay fills the cavity between the cusps of you tooth, an onlay covers one or more cusps. This method is considered to be less expensive when compared to crowns.


Dental restorations are done to recover the function, integrity and structure of your teeth. Whether it involves filling a cavity or replacing the missing teeth with dental implants, you can rely on our dentists.

Emergency Dental Care

If you have chipped or lost a tooth due to trauma or have a severe tooth ache, we can help. We provide emergency dental care to help relieve you of the pain. Whether it is a decayed tooth that needs cleaning and capping or a chipped tooth that needs filling, you can rely on us.


Regain the Confidence

Boost your confidence by improving the functionality and appearance of your teeth.

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