In circumstances where a tooth has large fillings or has been weakened by root canal treatment, a crown may be advised to protect the tooth. Crowns may be all ceramic, ceramic over metal, or all metal. The crown covers the portion of the tooth visible in the mouth and this procedure usually requires two appointments.


Implants are the most conservative treatment for the replacement of missing teeth. An implant replaces a tooth by acting as an artificial root. The advantage of a dental implant is that there is no preparation of natural teeth, no extra biting force on the natural teeth, does not decay, has a very high success rate (over 95%) and has proven longevity.

Root Canal Treatment

When the tissue inside a tooth has been damaged, whether by accident or a cavity, this can result in the tissue dying and if left untreated, will, in most cases, lead to an infection at the end of the root of the tooth. A root canal treatment involves the cleaning and disinfection of the root canal(s), and the placement of an inert substance to seal the root from further infection.

Porcelain Veneers

A porcelain veneers is a thin layer of ceramic made in a dental laboratory which acts as a replacement layer on the front and edge of a tooth. This can change the shape, colour, and surface texture of an existing tooth. This method involves minimal tooth preparation, has a long life expectancy and has very good long-term colour stability.  

Cosmetic Bonding

This is a low-cost service we offer in order to change the shape or colour of teeth should they be rotated, chipped or discoloured. This procedure usually requires one appointment, no laboratory fees, and is an alternative to porcelain veneers. This procedure involves the bonding of tooth coloured material to the existing tooth with minimal, if any, preparation of the existing tooth. 

Teeth Whitening

All forms of teeth whitening involve the application of either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Whether it is ‘one-hour power’ whitening or an eight night tray application, they all effectively do the same thing: lighten the colour of your teeth. Our office offers a eight night, at home, whitening program which we find to be cost-effective, convenient, and highly effective with minimal discomfort.